Will Benitez’s Confidence In Benzema Make A Difference?

The Real Madrid squad has to strike a balance between getting younger players to play and believing in its best players. Ronaldo and Benzema are older guys who can do a lot of damage, but they cannot do that damage all the time. These guys have to lead the team into the future, but they need to keep the team successful in the present. Karim Benzema is the younger of the two old guys, and he is taking some of the burden off Ronaldo. This is going to keep the Real Madrid team afloat, and the Real Madrid team that is going to lean on Benzema will need to make sure he is not the only person who has them thriving.

Benitez Has To Do Something

Benitez knew that he had to do something to make the team as stable as possible, and he chose to allow Benzema to be the focus of the team’s efforts. The team is going to find options in other players, but they started with just focusing on Benzema so that there would be no problems. This is an issue for everyone who loves the team, and they have only lost once this season, but there is no doubt that they could keep losing if they start to have problems with Benzema up front. Will there be a power struggle, or will the team start running into issues that are impossible to avoid like age?

The Team Needs To Keep Getting Younger

The Real Madrid squad is making a slow change from an older team to a younger team, but they cannot make that change without changes to the rest of the roster. They are putting all their faith in Benzema today, and they need to make sure that they are putting their faith in even younger players as they go. This could be a slow process that leaves the team ready to grapple with their future prospects, and the team will still be able to use Benzema and Ronaldo in their old age. These two men will likely stay in Madrid for the rest of their careers, but that is not going to mean anything if they are not still winning.

The trajectory for the two best teams in Spain is looking pretty bleak because they both are having problems with performance. These teams need to start looking for new ways to make their teams consistent, and the Real Madrid side needs to make sure they are leaning on the excellence of Benzema for as long as they can. They need to keep looking for new ways to score, but they cannot stand on their defense forever. There comes a time when people playing defense get tired, and this is going to be the case when these two teams are fighting each other over the Liga title. Barca just got crushed by an inferior opponent, but Real could be in the same kind of situation when they are not using their youngest players better.

Does The Rafalution Mean Anything?

The Rafalution is really something that is obvious to anyone who has watched the game for a while. The Rafalution is something that is a culmination of all the work he has done in the world of soccer over the years. He finally knows what to do with a team with all this talent, but he is not done with this kind of revolution. The revolution is not going to be televised until he finds a way to move on from Benzema and Ronaldo in the future, and this kind of revolution is one that could make the team perform well for another 10 or 20 years because of the players that he was willing to develop. The development of the people on the lowest tiers of the team are going to see the team scoring more, and they could jump out in front of a Barca team that is having the same problems. The oldest players in the game today are aging quickly and Rafa is making sure that the torch is being passed in a smart way to people who really know what to do with that torch.

Why Do It This Way?

There are many fans of the team who think that Ronaldo and Benzema should be used as much as possible until the day they retire, but Rafa is taking a book from other managers who choose to rest their best players and get other people involved. The teams that are using as much of their rosters as possible are going to get better results, and these teams are going to make more headway when they get to places like the Champion’s League. Some people believe that ManU can win the Champion’s League, but the simple fact is that Real Madrid has a much better chance of winning the Champion’s League because of how they are managed right now.

The Rafalution is something that we should all behold with great admiration. He has learned how to make the most of his team’s people, and he is managing his team in a way that is going to keep giving results. His fans are going to see the team get stronger as they find new ways to score, and all these new ways to score are going to make the team a pretty interesting out when they get deep into the Champion’s League.

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