The Crazy Inner Circle of Neymar Jr.

There is no question in the minds of most futbol fans around the World that Neymar Jr. is one of the best in the game, but that does not mean that he gets to escape the craziness that comes along with being that type of a talent and that level of celebrity status as well. It has become blatantly clear that he is surrounded by a host of people that are less than sane, which makes the life of the young twenty three year old star all the more hectic. The fact that he has elevated his game to such a level and is therefore such a desirable player for many teams, as well as his ability to switch teams if he so chooses to do so. There has been a massive amount of speculation as to whether he will sign a long term contract with Barcelona, the team he has been playing with since 2013, or whether he will pursue another team.

There has been a huge amount of media coverage, with sports casters considering the various options that he has, although most people agree that he will sign the long term deal with Barcelona. However, the mere fact that he may be open to another team may certainly jack up the amount of money that he may be able to lock down, which may be a reason why his agent is making such a stir in the media. In fact, he went social media to post a long rant about Neymar, his Father and the fact that his family has had their money frozen. He also suggested that he would prefer it if Neymar signed a long term deal with Real Madrid, which stirred up a ton of discussion and controversy. A great deal of people could not believe that he would go so far as to suggest that Neymar is considering going to Real Madrid and although it seems like he may be out of control with his statements, there likely is a great deal of strategy behind those words. Neymar’s stock is probably going to go up and Barcelona is likely going to get a lot more uncomfortable hearing that their star player may be headed out the door. This very likely could make them consider the amount of money that is on the table, or may make way for another team, such as Real Madrid, to come in and place an even bigger contract on the table. This scenario happens all the time in professional sports and if Real Madrid or another team happened to do this, Barcelona would likely match the deal, leaving both Neymar and his agent with more money in their pockets.

Agents do not often get the chance to broker a long term deal between a player like Neymar Jr. and a major franchise, especially one that has been reported to be worth well over one hundred million dollars, with some speculating that it could be one hundred and fifty or more over the course of five years. There is definitely a crazy circle around Neymar and it seems to have been churned up a great deal since so much money is likely on the table in the near future, sending his agent and other people in his inner circle into sort of a frenzy. It is very clear that they want to get the most money possible and hopefully the sides can come to an agreement as soon as possible to get this whole messy situation out of the way. Although Neymar’s agent may be getting some bad press, with a lot of people saying that he crazy, although he honestly does appear way out of line a great deal of the time, he also seems to be going to bat for Neymar and his family. The entire situation with his assets being frozen could not have come at a worse time, as he already is bearing all of the stress with getting the details of his new contract figured out. However, it is likely that both situations are going to be handled in the near future, which will be good for everyone that is involved.

Although there has been so much speculation about whether or not Neymar will sign a long term contract with the team, Barcelona is very confident that they will come to an agreement and sign a deal very soon. Just about every sports caster and writer out there is predicting that he will stay with the team that he moved from Brazil to join and the fact that Neymar truly already has a crazy situation on his hands with seemingly crazy people all around him, the last thing he needs is more controversy in his life. The best thing for Neymar Jr. would be to simply sign the contract with Barcelona and get his tax situation figured out, which is the overall reason as to why his families money got frozen in the first place. Luckily, after he makes his decision on which team he wants to sign with and gets that signing bonus, he will likely be able to take care of all of his legal troubles and get back to playing the game that he is so good at and all love to watch him play.

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