The BBC Announces That Tickets Prices Are Up For 2015-16 Season

Football fans better dig deeper when it comes to ticket prices for the 2015-2016 season. According to a new report that was published by the BBC, the cost of Football League ticket prices is up a whopping three times since 2011’s rates. Inflation has hit the football industry hard. On average, tickets are up 13 cents per ticket. For cheaper match day tickets, there was an increase of 4.4 cents. Why is football so expensive to enjoy these days? Well, players are demanding higher salaries and the venues are in constant need of repairs. Even the biggest and best stadiums require a fortune in upkeep. It’s just one area that hasn’t really seen the inflation of costs that others have. However, while 13 cents a ticket isn’t enough to cry about; it’s certainly a big increase for those behind the scene. For just 1,000 fans that have to pay that extra money, it’s an extra $130 in their pocket. Add that up with the thousands of fans and the numerous games; it’s a nice chunk of change.

Not all games are priced alike, and there must be some price variations taken into consideration. For example, Arsenal has the highest ticket cost at $97. Their seasonal tickets are $2,013 for their premier league. Their cheapest seats are $1,014 while that is some better, it is still higher than 17 other football teams’ top clubs cost. They will give their players an automatic entry into their Champions League, and the other perk is four other cup ties. Tottenham comes in at $1,895 for a seasonal ticket. In Chelsea, the top season ticket is $1,250.

Newcastle United had the lowest single ticket price at $15. The winner of the lowest season ticket cost is at Manchester City with a $299 price sticker. In Man City, if a fan wants a replica shirt, they must shell out $55 for that tee. It’s true that fans are continually being shook down for every penny they have. A survey into the costs was eye opening. These prices don’t include all the extras. Remember, food and drink, as well as other merchandise is inflated and readily available. A family day at the ballpark could cost nearly as much as a day at a major theme park, provided that they purchase prime seats.

What do the fans have to say about these skyrocketing ticket costs? The Chairman of the Football Supporters Federation, Malcolm Clarke, spoke out in an interview on behalf of the fans. He stated that there is no reason that these tickets should keep rising. He feels the ticket prices should be going down, not up. When you put it in laymen’s terms, it becomes easier to see. The cost of living in England hasn’t risen as much as football tickets since 2011. Football is inflated two times the cost of living in this country. The football leagues cheapest ticket has risen 13 percent. The cost of living is only 6.8 percent. When dealing with the Premier League, fans have seen an increase by as much as 15.8 percent. League One is looking at a hike of 31.7 percent. League Two is also up at 19 percent. However, the average price in the Championship overall has gone down 3.2 percent.

Arsenal was one of the teams that were looked at the hardest for their inflated ticket prices. A spokesperson stated that they are continually working on the prices. They offer up to 300,000 tickets at a reduced cost during each season. Those tickets are available to both adults and junior supporters. They can be purchased anywhere from $5-$10 each. They also stated that even though the prices are higher than the national average, their stadium has remained at an amazing 95.3 percent full. Their grounds are always in top shape and they make that one of their priorities. It’s nice to know that the money is being used wisely. Actually, last season was the highest stadium capacity since the 1949-1950 seasons. Sitting at a stadium that is 95 percent full is no easy task. It seems that as far as Arsenal is concerned, fans are willing to pay whatever it takes to get in and see the games.

No matter where in the world someone looks, some matches are going to be a bit more expensive to attend than others. Those who want to see games and are willing to travel should check out the ticket prices at others stadiums through the away games. The Away Supporter Initiative will make special deals for those who want to travel and support their favorite teams. These specials can be anything from reduced ticket prices to travel specials. Though the prices are at an all-time high, and continuing to rise, people may murmur about the costs, but it certainly doesn’t look like they are going to stop going to the games. Perhaps, that is why the league can get away with these prices; they know the people are still going to come. If people really want the prices to go down, being vocal is not going to be enough. They are going to have to stop going to the games. Since that will probably never happen, the ticket prices will continue to increase, just as everything else is doing because of inflation.

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