New Italian Laws Further Legalize Betting on Sports

Laws that govern sports betting in Italy are being changed to increasingly assist the needs of operators there. New major operators have entered the Italian betting market. This is is the result of efforts at liberalization of Italian gaming laws. Laws that had been very restrictive for over a decade have been relaxed. These laws are now followed by additional measures that are designed to boost the sports betting liberalization that is expected to the ability of Italians to bet directly on sports teams.

Gaming Law Status

Until recently, online licensed operators in Italy were only allowed to offer bets and events that were included in the official schedule that was published on occasion by the Italian sports betting regulator, AAMS. However, this scenario has recently been changed as we a result of the coming into new gaming laws that have been provided by the the so called “Palinsesto Complementare.” These laws allow operators to offer other kinds of betting. They may do so in parallel with various kinds of bets/events that the official schedule allows to be published by their regulator, as well as their own additional types of bets and various kinds of sports events.

A Transition Process

This liberalization went through a specific transitional process. This process took place despite the given the initial suspicious approach by the organization that was entrusted with being the regulator. They did did not fully trust the ability of operators to make sure that the results of any of their bets/events were accurate. Indeed the process of approving new types of bets as well as events still requires all operators to enter through a very in-depth approval process. All operators must be able to provide at least two different types of sources of that are known provide reliable information about the results of bets.

Movement Away From Gaming Regulation

Regulatory boundaries have become a major hurdle for various live bets. Results were not available through an official source of information such as the website. Operators pf such sports betting places would have been required to obtain as well as store all recording of the entire events for a decade. Doing so even today is extremely expensive as well as a potential breaching of IP owners’ rights.

Current Italian regulators are recently following a much more market oriented approach towards this issue. This is why they just approved regulations allowing the certification of bets with results that are not available through specific official sources of information. This exempts them from the prior required means of “elements, news and information objectively verifiable” that had been the standard.

The Consequences

The apparently “minor” change will probably considerably foster types of competition in the sports betting market. It will also impact the types of bets that are offered by operators. It might begin a substantial challenge for all Italian operators who are not accustomed to new types of bets. It may also be a considerable opportunity for many foreign operators. Unsurprisingly William Hill has been a leading operator in the Italian sports betting market. Paddy Power as well as Bwin are also growing. They remain, along with bet365 strongest contenders for the leadership in the betting market.

Continued Growth

Italian online sports betting data have been positive in the last few months. They have shown a major increase in figures as seen by the growth of the entire online casino market. The decision by certain casino suppliers to shut down all of their .COM operations aimed at Italian players attracted more new players from the particular .COM market. The next months will be crucial when determining the growth of the market as well. Regulators are doing their best to make any Italian licensed gaming offering is comparable in terms of various available games/bets as well as potential profitability to the known .COM market.

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