Manchester United Swirling with Rumors of Hazard/Bale Exchange

Real Madrid cannot contain itself as the rumors are swirling about accepting an exchange of player Eden Hazard the winger from Chelsea and sending Gareth Bale off to Manchester United. Real Madrid has reported that Hazard will be their next ‘galactico’ signing. The President of Los Blanocs, Florentino Perez is quoted that he “regards Hazard as an ideal fit.” His record is spectacular as Eden Hazard, a Belgian, won both the PFA Player of the Year Award and the Football Writers Association award. He earned these awards due to his 19 goals and 13 assists in the previous season in all the games. His efforts were much the reason for the Chelsea club trouncing the Premier League and winning the title.

The need to trade one of the most valuable International players, Gaerth Bale, must mean that this is a move that is of dire significance. Gaerth Bale just lead his home country, Wales in a qualifying round where the team lost, however, were found to still be in the qualifying for France 2016 due to the defeat of Israel in Group B qualifying rounds.

Real Madrid has such a need for bringing Eden Hazard on board. After all, he is typically being touted as one of the world’s best, attacking midfielders. Many experts agree that he would be a great fit as well for ginormous credentials. Yet, why is Real Madrid lusting after greatness such as Hazard when they already have Gaerth Bale, Jame Rodriguez and Isco on their roster?

And then there is Chelsea, who would surely not wish to part with him. Thus Perez may have to pay up a record breaking fee for him just to lure him away from the Premier League just as they did with Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Reportedly by Duncan Castles, of the Sunday Times, Perez will not back track on this hopeful acquisition, Hazard. Regarding the performance level needed for this to become a reality, Hazard will have to keep up his end of the bargain by improving his performance for Chelsea. Then his remarkable fee will be assured.

Just as with the rest of the Chelsea footballers, Hazard has had a set back in his consistency this season. He has not really even approached his performance levels from the previous season. Squawka Football reported his long deficit for goals just before his campaign against Arsenal. His first half play was less than acceptable by his lofty standards while campaigning against Maccabi Tel Aviv. This was telling of his performance as he had failed to score a goal.

Castles outlined what it would mean for Bales if exchanged. Perez has two times sanctioned record breaking fees to acquire Cristiano Ronaldo and Gaerth Bale from England to La Liga. He is not reserved about doing the same for Hazard. If he chooses to do this he may even exercise the option to sell Ronaldo to Paris Saint-Germain for the stellar sum of 110m Pounds or Bale to Manchester United for the 110m Pounds or something like it.

The benefit for United would be a monumental get. The club has been tied to moving the Welschman, as rumblings from the powers that be are suggesting they were putting a deal together at the last moment during the summer of 2013 but then he chose to join the ranks of Real Madrid according to El Larguero

Once a player for Tottenham, Bales has been dealing with an injury problem. This is, however, a record that was based on his performance prior to the event that caused the injury period. He was one of the most outstanding players in the entire International European football scene.

Since the injury period, Bale’s stock has fallen and so this condition he is suffering from has opened the negotiations of Real Madrid with others in a willingness to sell. The belief is that Bale is the type of player that will be intricately involved in the tutelage of Rafael Benitez, who is being started in the central position as a forward for the mainstay of matches for the season up to the present. Bale once thrived in that position will be replaced as the cards are revealing.

Returning homeward would appeal to Bale as he would be with Red Devils, the biggest club in the British football scene. There he would become their key player on the team Louis van Gaal is improving to date. Real Madrid’s home crowd has not always treated him with the highest regard, awarding harsh criticism, which Bale likely will not miss.

The Santiago Bernabeu seems to hold him to a much higher standard than they do others on the Real Madrid roster, according to The Football Joker. He feels that shipping Bale northward to Britain would be a bizarre decision by Perez. Yet, he notes that this is typical behavior by the club as they tend to pick up young world class up and comers so Hazard would suit them in this capacity. He provides some comparable statistics of the two to point out that they are evenly matched in accomplishments: Goals scored for Bale, 3, Hazard 0, Assists for Bale, 3, 2 for Hazard, Passing 83 percent for Bale and 88 percent for Hazard.

Bale in talented enough to grow into a most prominent force at Santiago Bernabeu. Yet, Rafael Benitez is showing great crust as he is taking the bull by the horns in his recent games. Attendance has waned recently, so Benitez, is fast becoming a hopeful for the home crowds to fill up the seats again. All things being equal, a lot of money is going to have to be paid up to set all of this into motion. Next season looks much to be one for Bale wearing United colors.

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