Learn How to Watch Free Live Streaming from Your PC

With so much quality content available free online, it seems kind of silly to pay a monthly subscription for TV service. There’s just one problem; with so much free content online it can be extremely difficult to find anything worth watching. Do you really want to watch public access programming from Pakistan? I highly doubt it.

Fortunately, there are a lot of really great resources you can use to get your news and entertainment fix live on your PC. Streaming websites, channel aggregators, and even the TV networks themselves offer a slew of great choices. Read on to discover how to stream live programming directly to your PC.

Internet Only Live Streams

There are many streaming websites you can use to browse and search for live streams. The best part is that these services are absolutely free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

While you may not be able to stream major networks through these services, there’s still a lot of great stuff to watch. User generated content is becoming more sophisticated every day. Production values have increased significantly with the advent of faster computers and higher quality cameras.

Youtube hosts many popular live streams like WWE, UFC, The Young Turks, National Geographic, and more.

Livestream features news, music, sports, technology, and more.

Ustream offers ad-free HD news, entertainment, music, gaming, technology, sports, and more.

TV Aggregator Sites

The best way to find free streaming TV channels online is to use one of the many available aggregators. These sites provide an index of internet TV channels you can browse and search online.

Rather than host the streaming themselves, they provide information about the channels, along with links to the actual streams.

wwiTV offers over 1,300 live streaming channels from countries around the world in many different categories.

Live TV Café allows you to create an account to keep track of your favorite channels. They also provide user ratings which makes it easier to find the best channels.

Streema lets viewers in the United States drill down by city and state in order to find their favorite local TV channels. They also index a large number of channels in other countries.

Cable Providers

The trend among many cable TV providers is to offer their subscribers access to streaming content online. Streaming is typically free with your monthly service subscription.

While these streaming services aren’t technically free, they do offer a way to stream TV shows and movies live to your PC. They allow you to make use of your computers and other devices as replacements a standard TV.

Comcast Xfinity TV GO provides most of their standard programming streamed live to your web browser.

AT&T U-Verse has 112 channels you can watch anywhere, and up to 179 channels you can watch from home.

Time Warner TWC TV allows you to watch streaming content from your PC, Smart TV, iOS, or Android devices.

Channel Specific Streams

A large number of television networks now offer live streaming directly to your PC. While some are free, many require a subscription to a standard TV provider to access the live shows.

Many of the channels offer full episodes for free a day or two after the shows play live on the network. So even if you don’t have a regular TV subscription, you can still watch many of your favorite TV shows for free online.

A&E Live Stream is available with select cable and satellite providers. See what’s live, or check out the program guide to plan your day.

ABC Live offers free live streaming on your PC in select markets. Visit the site to find out if you are eligible.

Cartoon Network has a huge catalog of full episodes to compliment their stream of live programming. The only catch is you must be a paid TV subscriber and create an account.

Disney Channel also has a free live stream for customers of select TV providers.

HISTORY offers a live stream for customers of select providers, along with an archive of full episodes for most of their shows.

SHOWTIME ANYTIME gives subscribers access to live streaming and archived content.

Syfy gives science fiction lovers with select providers access to live programming and archived content.

Other Alternatives

One of the best ways to access live HD quality programming is to install a TV tuner in your computer. A digital TV tuner allows you to pick up channels that are broadcast over the air. Software, such as Windows Media Center, will allow you to watch live TV and even act as a DVR to record your favorite shows.

Another great way to access TV shows and movies online is through Crackle. You can stream their ever-changing library of TV shows, movies, and video clips in your browser for free. This platform is ad supported, but offers a great alternative to paid services like NetFlix.


As you can see, finding great streaming content online can take some time. You will have to sift through the masses of mediocre content to find a few hidden gems. Trust me though, it’s worth it. Online programming is usually fresher, and more informative than what you find on the major networks.

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