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About Hockey

Hockey is a sport that involves two teams competing against each other by using a hockey stick and trying maneuver a puck or ball into their opponents goal to score points. There are two main types of hockey: Ice hockey and Field hockey. Both types are generally played in a similar fashion. Below is more information about how hockey is played.

Puck and Hockey Stick

The puck is 1 inch thick, weighs about 6 oz., and is made out of black rubber. In the game it can be moved with feet or the stick, but touching it with the hands is completely not allowed. The hockey stick is used to control and shoot the puck in the game.


The average hockey team has 20 players. Each hockey team is allowed 6 players on the ice or field at a time. These six players each have a specific duty: the Goaltender (goalie), Defensemen, Center, and Wings. The Goaltender’s task is to prevent the opposing team from scoring a point by keeping the puck from entering his team’s net. The Defensemen are the Center and Wings. Working together, they try to stop the incoming play from the other team from reaching their blue line by preventing shots, clearing the puck, and breaking up passes. The Center’s job alone is to lead the attack from the opposing team by carrying the puck away from his team’s goal and with the help of the Wing, steer the puck toward the opponent’s goal. Lastly, the Wing’s responsibility is to set up the shot and get the puck into the opponents goal, or at least break up attempted shots from the opposing team.

The Face Off

The Face Off is when the game first begins or after there has been a pause in the game for any reason. The game starts or resumes when the referee drops the puck between two opposing members of a team.


Many penalties can occur in hockey. Some are minor, and some can be major. Minor penalties in the game result in the player having to sit for two minutes. Some examples of minor penalties are: tripping, hooking, interference, cross-checking, and spearing. For a major penalty, the player is sent to sit for five minutes. The most common example of a major penalty is fighting. If the fighting results in serious injury, the player can be eliminated from the game.

Hockey is a fun and interesting sport, learning the basics will send you on your way to playing the sport in no time.

History of Ice Hockey

Hockey is a game that came down from Canada and infiltrated all of North America. The game was originally played on frozen lakes and ponds with a small goal. It is a variant of football and lacrosse that uses the ice as a medium. When people began to organize their own hockey leagues, the National Hockey League was born. The league started with six teams that stretched from Canada to the U.S.

The Original Six

The original six teams were based in Detroit, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Boston and Chicago. The original six teams stood for many years, and they claimed many Stanley Cups among them. Lord Stanley donated the trophy to the league to denote its champion, and his trophy is still in use today.

The league expanded in the 60s, and it has expanded since to have 32 teams. These teams stretch all across Canada and the States. These teams now comprise a team that has junior teams and a training league that teaches young players all over the world.

The Play

The game was originally played in a slow format that did not involve many pads or helmets. The game was violent, but it was not as fast as it is today. It has evolved into a game that moves very fast, and television networks have a hard time keeping up with the puck.

The Greats

The greatest players in the history of the game are widely regarded as Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky and Jean Beliveau. These three men among of them have won about a third of the Stanley Cups that have been awarded. Also, they have scored more goals and recorded ore assists than anyone else in history.

The game of hockey is rich in tradition and history. It has expanded to list greats such as Lemieux, Messier and Roy. Martin Brodeur and Dominic Hacek are among the great goaltenders, and the game is played at the highest levels even today. The league is filled with parody, and people all over the world play hockey. Some of the greatest games in history have been hockey games, and they will continue long into the future of the NHL and Olympics.

Top Hockey Teams in 2014-2015

The 2014 – 2015 hockey season is in full swing and the top teams have been to emerge and separate themselves from the pack. While there is still plenty of time for teams to make a run, the top ten teams in the National Hockey League currently are:

10. San Jose Sharks – The sharks may be the most confusing team in the league to figure out. At times they appear to be one of the best teams in the league and at others they seem lost out on the ice. They could be large risers or fallers as the season goes on.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs – Similar to San Jose, Toronto is a bit of a mystery team. This team appears to never lose, at least not in regulation. The Maple Leaves have been involved in more overtime games than almost every team in the league, winning their fair share.

8. New York Islanders – The Islanders have suffered by having one of the worst penalty killing units in the entire league, and it has cost them some wins. But they have some impressive wins over top teams and have shown improvement in this area as of late.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning – The Lightning have struggled recently had wins have been hard to come by, but Tampa Bay has already show enough to put them inside the top ten teams in the league.

6. Detroit Red Wings – Like the Lightning Detroit has incurred their fair share of losses recently. Most of these losses have been on the road, and Detroit has been much better team at home.

5. Nashville Predators – Nashville was struggled when on the power play this season. They are ranked 29th in the league with the advantage. Even with their struggles on the power play Nashville has arguably the top goaltending in the league, making them a tough play for any team.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins – Sidney Crosby has had his struggles on and off the ice this year but the Penguins have been impressive all season long racking up point after point.

3. St. Louis Blues – The Blues have surged to the top of the league and are a legitimate contender in the Central. So far it looks like the Blues are set to break from their recent history of having a poor season following an impressive one.

2. Anaheim Ducks – The Ducks find themselves in a familiar position, atop the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. The injury to Corey Perry hurts the Ducks, but they are still one of the best teams in the league.

1. Chicago Blackhawks – Chicago remains the top team in the league. The Blackhawks boast the top penalty killing units in the league as well as one of the top defenses. They will be tough to top once again.

Hockey Betting Tips – How to increase your chances of winning

When it comes to betting on hockey there are a variety of approaches you can take from those that are universal to those specific to hockey alone. Using any of these approaches will help you win more money over time, but there is no guarantee. After all, it’s hockey.

The methods we will address are:

  • Doubling down until you win.
  • Betting on games that matter.
  • Consider the travel schedule.

Double Down Every Game Until You Win

This approach is one usually found at a blackjack or roulette table. It’s quite simple, but not foolproof. The reason it’s not foolproof is because the results can behave irrationally longer than you can stay afloat.

Here’s what you do: Let’s say you want to bet on the Buffalo Sabres. You like that they are consistently seen as underdogs, and your favorite aunt lives in Niagara Falls. You place $100 on them and they lose. If you bet another $100 and they win you will be even, so, instead, you bet $200. If they win, you’ll be up $100, and then you go back to betting $100 on the next game. However, if they lose again, you then bet $400, allowing you to be up $100 if you win that time.

As you can see, this can get expensive fast, and losing streaks will lead to the following bets:

1 – $100
2 – $200
3 – $400
4 – $800
5 – $1,600
6 – $3,200
7 – $6,400
8 – $12,800

If you lose that 8th game, you’ll be in for over $25,000! You will win at some point, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Does the Game Mean Something to One Team?

The 2006 book, Freakonomics, noted that professional sumo wrestlers who were 1 win away from maintaining a top rank in their main tournaments won a proportionately higher number of times. This occurred whether they fought those who were already in the top rank, as well as those who had missed the mark.

Some believe it’s due to bribes, and maybe there are, but true athletes know that there is something that resides in the spirit of a champion that makes them dig deeper to gut out that win.

It’s something you can count on. And it’s something you can bet on. For example, if the Avalanche are one game away from making the playoffs and they are playing the Ducks who will not have a different outcome whether they win or lose, the safe bet is on the Avalanche. They need it more and will play like it matters.

Flying Takes its Toll on Players

Teams on a harsh away schedule in the arena of their opponents will have a double disadvantage. Scientifically speaking, flying wipes us out. Add to this skating your guts out against someone who has been well rested at home and the odds are further against you.

These methods will help you as you bet on hockey. Use them wisely, place your bets responsibly, and remember that the game is what matters; betting just adds to the fun.

Best betting sites for Hockey

Probably nothing remains that cannot be wagered on via the Internet, including tiddlywinks. But forget that, what are the best sites today for placing bets on ice hockey?


This site allows bets to be placed both on professional and amateur hockey teams. In addition to well known professional games, such as North America’s Stanley Cup and the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship this site tracks American NCAA college games and follows the National Hockey League’s season. And in addition to offering lots of teams to root for and bet on, Bet365 offers users the chance to place bets either pre-game or in-play as the game is happening. Bettors can also wager here on game totals, puck line, and first goal scorer. The site also offers up to the minute and in depth statistical information, to help make the best betting decisions. Coupons and promotions are frequently offered on the Bet365 site.


Unibet allows bettors to place wagers on international professional teams, including leagues, championships, and lesser known purses, like the Channel One Cup. Users can also follow up to date statistical information, a live game calendar, and view games on Unibet T.V..

Paddy Power

The site allows bettors to place wagers on North American and European league and championship games. In addition to offering coupons, Paddy Power offers a number of betting options, such as handicaps, goals scored, and winning margins.


Probably only rabid American fans follow all the National Hockey League action more avidly than Ladbrokes. In addition to covering all regular NHL games, conferences, and championships, this site closely follows all the action of the Russian and Swedish national leagues, among many others. Ladbrokes offers promotional coupons for free betting on matches, and hosts a news page that allows fans to get the latest information on their favorite teams.


Like all of these other sites, Betfair allows bets to be placed on international hockey games in various markets. It also accepts bets on lesser known leagues, such as the U.K. Elite, meaning that one can generally find a match to bet on here on this site. In addition to promotional coupons, Betfair offers a hockey tutorial, not only explaining the game in depth, but the various betting options available, such as handicaps, scoring, and market odds. Links to other sites are also offered here, making the viewer a certifiable hockey expert, if not a winner.

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