How Did Steven Gerrard Stop Luis Sanchez For Going To Arsenal?

Luis Sanchez was more than ready to move on from Liverpool, but he was making a rash decision in running off to another club immediately. Sanchez is a fiery player, and he wanted to transfer as fast as possible. He was so ready to move that he had already chosen Arsenal as his destination, and the transfer was very close to completion when Steven Gerrard stepped in. This story is about how Steven Gerrard prevented Luis from going to another team to get away from Liverpool. This saga ended with Sanchez in the right place, but he needed help getting to where he needed to go.

#1: The Itch The Leave Anfield

Playing at Anfield is a dream for some who never want to walk alone, but playing at Anfield was no longer a treat for Sanchez. Liverpool has become a bit of a disaster after many years of overspending on talent. The team itself was spending too much on talent, but the team was not developing any extra talent. Sanchez was asked to do too much in Liverpool, and his job was becoming too stressful. Even the most wealthy athletes in the world simply cannot carry a team all by themselves, and Sanchez was trying to carry the Liverpool by himself. Adding his international duties to the schedule made his life even more difficult, and it was time to move on.

#2: Leaving As Soon As Possible

Sanchez wanted to leave Liverpool as soon as possible, and it appeared that he had interest from Arsenal. Arsenal was ready to make a move, and the transfer deadline was fast approaching. Sanchez was set on the deal, and the Gunners had bid over 40 million pounds on the transaction, but Steven Gerrard stepped in to ask Luis what his real motivation for the move was. Players who enjoy the game want to be in places where they can win, and Luis believed he had a good chance of winning with Arsene Wenger and the Gunner. Steven Gerrard had other ideas.

#3: What Do You Really Want?

Steven wanted Luis to figure out what he really wanted in a transfer. Leaving Liverpool was his right, and Arsenal made the proper bid to move him. The stag was set, but leaving Liverpool for the first available team was not a good move. Steven had seen many people throughout his career make rash moves only to have regrets in the future. Luis belonged with a club that he believed would be the best fit for him. There were other clubs in the world that would have fit Sanchez better, and Gerrard stalled the process to prevent Sanchez from moving so quickly.

#4: Repairing Relationships

Steven Gerrard is a legend in Liverpool, and his intervention including repairing relationships between Sanchez and members of the team. Liverpool is a powerhouse club with billions of dollars at its disposal, and Gerrard is committed to the success of the club. Sanchez would leave a year later, but the intervention allowed Sanchez to leave the club on good terms. Leaving Liverpool on better terms was something that Gerrard wanted for both sides.

#5: Who Wants To Play Better Football?

Everyone in the European football community wants to play better football, and there is quite a bit of Champion’s League play to be had with other clubs. Arsenal is in the Champion’s League every year, and Sanchez’s new team is in the Champion’s League every year. Sanchez got his wish, but he did not get his wish at the expense of his relationships in Liverpool. There are many footballers who move around the sport while burning bridges, and Sanchez was able to keep his bridges in Liverpool intact.

#6: He Really Wanted Barcelona

Sanchez really wanted to go to Barcelona, and his family had similar feelings about the move. Sanchez was so interested in getting away from Liverpool that he was willing to go to their bitter rival. He would have upset all the people who work with and for Liverpool, all the fans of the Liverpool club and all the people in the football community who saw his move as rash. Gerrard knew that Luis wanted to go to Barca, and Gerrard allowed Sanchez to stay with Liverpool long enough to get the right transfer. The football world remained in balance because Sanchez was playing in the right place at the end of 2013.

#7: Should Other Footballers Step In?

Footballers should step in to help their colleagues play in the right places, and movements around the football world would be catastrophic without the help of its players. Players like Gerrard who get involved in the business side of the football world are more likely to be helpful when another player is willing to listen. Team executives do not have the ears of players, but the men who share the pitch have the ears of their friends.

Steven Gerrard helped to stop a move from Liverpool to Arsenal for Luis Sanchez, and Gerrard was right to step in. He needed to prevent both the club and Sanchez from making the wrong move. Liverpool was ready to get rid of Sanchez, and Sanchez was ready to run to the first team that wanted to take him. Sanchez is in Barcelona today because he took good advice from one of the finest footballers in the history of the English Premier League.

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