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Dreams - Catch Shooting Stars ($50 Free Chip + 220% Welcome Bonus)

Dreams Casino is an online casino with many different games to choose from. Not only is the casino available to those in the UK, but it’s also available to those in the United States too. Dreams Casino caters to those in the California area, and there is even a toll-free number that users can call, in case they need any help with their online account. Anyone who was looking for an online casino to visit, then Dreams Casino is a great choice. When it comes to customer service, they have a lot available, and there are many different ways to contact them.

There is live chat for customer service, as well as four different numbers, including two toll free numbers in the USA, and a toll-free number for the UK. Those who are calling internationally, have the option of calling a direct number in the USA. The international direct line is located in Atlanta, Georgia. There is also email support for customer service, giving other options to those who do not want to call customer service. There are three different email addresses available, which include Customer Service, the Withdrawals Department, as well as the VIP Department.

There are also two different fax numbers available, which include a fax number that is toll-free in the USA, or a toll-free fax number in the UK. Any questions that you have, which might be frequently asked, you can easily look them up, in order to find the answers that you need. Dreams Casino really has gotten down customer service, so many of their customers can be happy when they play in the casino. The customer service is also available every day of the year 24/7, in case a customer needs help at any time.

Sign Up & Get 25 Free

Signing up at Dreams Casino is very easy, and all you have to do is make sure that you have your information handy. You can sign up within a matter of minutes, after you choose a username, password, and add your email address. A cell phone number is also required, and you can choose to receive emails from the casino, or you can decline to do so. You must also verify that you are over the age of 18, in order to gamble in the casino. Registering has been made very easy and quick, for those who are ready to play.

VIP Program

Dreams Casino has a VIP program, and their motto is simple, they believe in rewarding those who are loyal to their casino. The VIP program can be signed up for, by anyone who joins the casino. You can get comps, as well as rewards, and they have an amazing way to give their customers additional bonuses, depending on the VIP level they are at. Anyone who joins as a VIP, or wants to join as a VIP, can call the toll-free number that’s available, in order to get help. Dreams Casino easily has one of the best VIP programs out there.

The VIP program has five different levels, and each level will give different benefits, and has different entry requirements. On the first level, a $500 initial deposit is required, or $25,000 in deposits over a lifetime. The benefits of joining, is getting a $100 welcome bonus, once you’ve reached the level, and for every $1250 that you bet, you can earn a comp point. You’ll also get special VIP only offers, as well as bonuses. Level 2 requires $1000 deposit, or $35,000 in lifetime deposits. The benefits are a $150 welcome bonus, and one comp point for every $1000 you bet, as well as tailored bonuses and offers.

Those who join or get to level 3, must deposit $3000 initially, or $50,000 over a lifetime. Benefits include a $250 welcome bonus, one comp point for every $750 wagered, tailored bonuses and offers, which are only for VIPs, and VIP account balance insurance. Level 4 is even better, but it requires a $5000 initial deposit, or $100,000 in lifetime deposits. Benefits include a $500 welcome bonus, and for every $500 wagered, you’ll earn a comp point. There are also tailored VIP offers and bonuses as well.

Level 5 is the highest, and it has the absolute best bonuses. Level 5 is an invitation-only level, so there is no minimum deposit required, as the player must be personally invited by the casino to join. If a customer is able to join level 5, the benefits include a $1000 welcome bonus, and a comp point is earned for every $300 wagered. Level 5 VIP members will also enjoy tailored offers and bonuses. Obviously Dreams Casino has great VIP bonuses, allowing every player a chance to become a VIP.


Once you’ve joined the casino, then look into the bonuses and promotions. There is a $2000 bonus, which will match a deposit 200%, up to $2000. This means that if you deposit as little as $50, you’ll be playing with $150. You can also get 25 free spins, which is a $25 value. There is a redeem coupon, which is available on the website, and it needs to be used when retrieving the sign-up bonus.

There is also a redeposit bonus, which will give 200% match on a redeposit. A redeem coupon is needed for this bonus, and it’s available on the website as well. There are also VIP bonuses and promotions available, and this is only for VIP members. VIP members can enjoy a 250% redeposit bonus, as well as 30% deposit insurance. The redeem coupon is also available online at Dreams Casino.


Those who are making a deposit, can choose from Visa, MasterCard or American Express. There are also other forms of deposits available, including the popular Neteller. When you’re ready to make your deposit, you can inquire as to which deposit methods you can use.


Once you’ve made your deposit, you can go over to the games section, and find any game that you’d like. There are many games available at Dreams Casino, and the slot games are incredibly fun and very detailed. You may even have the ability to play for free, before you begin to wager your money. If you were able to take advantage of the deposit bonus, then you can use your 25 free spins to play. Choose from games such as Blackjack, Keno, Craps, and many different slot games.


Dreams Casino is great for those who want to play online, giving great customer service, amazing VIP bonuses, as well as many options for play.

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