Check out where all the best online casino sites are reviewed and rated. They save you the time of having to visit every single site, read through their rules and regulations and learn how the site works, not to mention if it’s even worth your time. There are so many gambling sites online today, Casinomeister weeds out the lower rated ones and brings you only the best of the best, the ones that are user friendly and offer the greatest rates and playoffs.

Accredited Casino Rating System
As a matter of fact, Casinomeister has an accredited rating system on their website where only the casino sites that pass their rigorous standards are listed for gamblers to browse through. Each site starts with ten points, then loses or gains points based on:

The software company’s product is taken into consideration. They are rated on the availability and quality of theinventory/games they offer and how well their employees address customer issues. They grade by:

*Selection of games
*Types of games
*Quality of games
*How responsive the software provider is to player issues, concerns and feedback

*Benchmark Standards
*Laissez Faire Attitude
*Ability to properly handle player issues (rated lowest)

Reverse Time
The time you have to wait until your winnings can be played. The less time the better for the gambler. For example:

*0 hrs – highest
*1 – 12 hours – high
*13 – 24 hours – medium
*25 – 48 hours – low
*+48 hours – lowest

*Cash Out Time
The amount of time it takes to get paid your winnings.

*Weekly Cash Out Limits
The maximum amount of your winnings you can cash out per week. Obviously, the higher amount here, the better. Players want to collect all of their winnings as quickly as possible.

Other Areas of Scoring
For every “yes” answer to the following, points are given:

*Publicly traded
*Manual Flush
*Weekend Cashouts
*Casinomeister Blog

*Date established – Points are given based on how long the casino has been in business under the same owner

*Date Accredited – Points are also accumulated for how long they have remained on Casinomeister’s Accredited List.

*Meister Points:
These are points given to a casino whose sales people show the best customer service to their players and others affiliated with the company. Their scores are frequently affected by how much they participate in the forums.

*Other Areas which are considered/rated:
Positive attitude
Membership perks and extras
Posting creative promos
Keeping an updated CM blog
Being available for meetings and other cyber events

As you can see, it is quite a rigid list. They do all the research for you, then you can save all that time checking them out yourself, and then just choose from the best. It is so convenient for online gamblers. The site also offers in depth reviews which include
*Payout Times
*Withdrawal Limits
*Pros and Cons
*Points of Contact

Another great feature of is the Casinomeister’s Gambling Guide. How many times have you been scammed out of money or unfairly treated on various gambling sites? You can never seem to get ahold of a customer service representative when you are having a problem and when you do finally get through, you cannot understand them or they are rude and uninformed. Well, the Gambling Guide teaches you how to avoid these scams and unpleasant encounters when choosing an online casino.

And don’t forget the ” What’s Happening” and Casinomeister Newsletter sections of the site. It has all the latest news on new casinos that made the Accredited List and other interesting facts amongst the gambling community. And the all to famous newsletter comes out weekly highlighting other important tidbits, stories and interesting conversation on the gambling topic. is really worth checking out if you are an online gambler. It will save you tons of time and is loaded with important information from week to week. By following this site, you will be up on all the most recent gossip and new in the industry, which could put you at an advantage. Make sure to tell all your online gambling friends; spread the word to all the gamblers you know. They will thank you for it for sure. This site is top notch.

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