Brazilian football referee pulls GUN on the pitch after row over red card

To say that the regional league football match in Brumadinho got a little overheated would be an understatement to say the least. Naturally there are rage and disagreements when it comes to sports, but this a bit unusual. Typically when a referee sees something in a game that is not good sportsmanship, the referee would throw out a red card. Well, instead of throwing out a red flag, the referee decided to pull out his gun.

Valdenir de Castro, who is the league president, mention that it was Murta that was physically harm following Amantes da Bola sub. He is both kick and slap. The two teams had an altercation, and a manager had felt that a red card had needed to pull on the opposing team. The fight between the two teams made the referee completely uncomfortable and angry. While the manager was waiting for the red card to be throw, the referee had a different approach. He had disappeared for a few minutes, and when the manager thought the red card was about to be thrown, it was the referee gun instead. No one was severely hurt during this incident. Luckily, his colleagues were able to retrain him before any real damage was done.

Needless to say, everyone that was at the game was in total shock.The player whom allergy assaulted Murta, can bee seeing running off the field when he seen Murta running towards him with his firearm. His reasoning for pulling his gun out his gun was that he felt like he was not safe.There was some footage that was taken by a fan in the stadium, that shows Murta being hit during the fight. Murta will get seen b y a psychiatrist to test his mental health. When Murta is not a referee, he is a police officer, which could explain his odd behavior.

He is used to being an in an environment where he feel his life is being threatening. He clearly is unable to differentiate when there is real danger on the work field when is being a police officer versus being a referee on the field. He felt that grabbing his gun, was his only way of controlling the situation. His psychological results are not in just yet, but there is obvious something that is going wrong with his intellect.A police officer goes through numerous testing before they can get their license of becoming an officer of the law. Some of the criteria before one can become an officer is for an individual to pass a psychological test. It seems that Murta may have been a police officer for too many years, because apparently the dangerous life of an officer has become too much for him to handle. As an officer, he should be able to know the difference from an ordinary altercation from a severe real life threatening situation.

He was not arrested in this case because there was no police, besides Murta himself, that was in the facility. It is interesting that there was no police, considering the amount of people that was there.Initially, Murta was stopped his track by his linesmen and a goalie. The linesman and the goalie try to convince him to bring his gun back to the dressing room.He is facing disciplinary actions, but exactly what the punishment is going to be have not been release.

If his psychological results come out as abnormal, then there is a good chance that he will not receive any jail time. He would probably get suspended from his referee job, and he may even get suspended from his police job as well. Marta will more likely be subscribe some form of medication and will have to see some form of therapy.Even though the gunman hurt no one, it would be a shock if he walk away and have no kind of repercussions. Even if the court rule that everything is find and if there are no disciplinary actions, the football organization probably do not want anything to do with him.

A football match should be a safe environment. There should never be a situation at a football game, where people would have a concern that there is a man that is pulling guns out on people. Especially since the arena is filled with children. How scare that the children must have been when all of the sudden they see a gun in the facility. The children probably would have been scar if fire were have been shot. This incident is not something that would happen every day, but since something like this did occur, maybe the organization would now always make sure that there are police officers in the facilities.The incident could have been way worst, so precautions need to always be taking. The way the situation plays out, Murta do not to need a lot of jail time, but he certainly needs to seek some therapy really soon.

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