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About Basketball

Basketball is a sport developed by a Canadian physical education instructor named Dr. James Naismith. He was a YMCA instructor teaching at Springfield College at the time and wanted to create a game that could keep his class active on a rainy day without it becoming harmful due to gym conditions. He created a peach basket attached to the wall, which actually originally had a bottom. In time, he found this to be time consuming and took the bottom out for faster play.

A few years later, the game started to catch on in different high schools across the US and Canada. The Amateur Athletic Union and the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States (now known as the NCAA) tried to claim rights to the game and create a new set of rules for modern basketball. Basketball was originally played with soccer balls and moved on to brown balls as the sport started to take shape. However, this did not make for easy usability in regards to ball movement. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that Tony Hinkle would create an orange ball to help increase visibility on the court as well as better movement for dribbling.

Some of the first barnstorming teams were created throughout the United States in the 1920s. The first major league was the National Basketball League created in 1937. The Basketball Association of America followed in 1946. The first game was in Toronto between the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers. It was until 1949 that both basketball clubs merged into what’s now known as the NBA. The American Basketball Association gave the NBA some competition in the mid 1960s, but the NBA had the players and salaries to match. ABA eventually merged with the NBA.

Professional basketball became increasingly popular and there was a foray into the Olympics for the first basketball team in the summer games of 1992. The “Dream Team” was formed in for the Barcelona team and obliterated the competition on a worldwide scale. Women’s basketball for collegiate teams grew in popularity, so it was only a matter of time before they were able to played professionally in the US with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) created in 1997.

Basketball continues to thrive as a worldwide sport. Not only it is popular but it touches youth culture in regards of shoes for athletic purposes as well as fashion purposes. It only gets bigger on a year to year basis.

The history and background of Basketball

The history of basketball can be described in many different ways. In fact, some people will discover that its beginnings are normally found as unique and exciting. The game of baseball dates back to the year 1892, where it was invented by an instructor (Dr. James Naismith) who worked in the Springfield college. He is noted as being responsible for creating the rules of the games since he posted them on the bulletin board in Springfield’s gym. Even though the discovery of the game is considered to be accidental, the rules that were established were deliberately crafted. One of the main reasons for its invention was because of the lack of interest in physical ed, specifically during the cold winter season. Which meant, Dr. Naismith set out to find a game that would keep the student’s interest throughout the colder periods of the year.

First Games Played

When designing the rules of the game, Dr. Naismith paid special attention to the details since he did not want to create a game that would end up in a blood bath or a thunder battle. Therefore, students were able to choose one of two sides after putting up a peach basket in the gym. It is also important to note that the first basketball used was really a soccer ball because it was round and tough.

Rules of the Game

The initial rules of the game involved allowing the players to bat the ball with their hands and then throw it from one team player to another. Naismith was also the one that decided that running with the ball was against the rules, which meant that they would have to stop and pass it to someone else. To prevent a lot of the roughness in the game between players, he also said that it was against the rules to push, trip, or shoulder others. These rules are still the same today because they do result in foul plays. These games also consisted of two halves that lasted 15 minutes each.

Original Team Make-up

It is also interesting to know that the number of players that made up each team has also changed over time. Since the number of players have changed from 9 players to five. For instance, the team in 1891 were made up of three forwards, three centers and three guards.

Most people do not know where the game of basketball came from, even though the history of the game is quite interesting. Since the game came out of a need that had to be met, it was both accidental as well as well thought out.

TOP 10 Basketball Teams of 2014 – 2015

The NBA season is shaping up to reveal a slightly different power structure regarding the top ten teams. The Golden State Warriors are simply dazzling. Any team that is able to put together extended winning streaks will be a force to reckon with in the playoffs. Even with a new coach the Warriors have not missed a beat and continue to run through their opposition with out fair. The Memphis Grizzlies are simply a tough team that will maul any opposition. The teams defense is to be feared and respected. The Toronto Raptors are a sleek team that is making its presence known in the east. While many are talking about Cleveland and Chicago Toronto is not to be overlooked. The Washington Wizards may shock everybody by winning the division and winning it all with the addition of Paul Pierce. The Houston Rockets are poised to make their claim to the western title without their normal threats of Dallas or Los Angeles as their arch rivals.

The bottom half of the top ten are still likely threats to claim the title but its anyone’s game. The Portland Trailblazers can make some noise in the first or second round of the playoffs but they may not have the inside power to go deep. The Atlanta Hawks are quietly taking care of their business and proceeding to win as many games as possible. Whether they will have sufficient fire power to go deep in the playoffs is still unknown. The surprise on this list is the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. If the Cleveland Cavaliers can learn to play together much faster, they should be the dominant team in the east but that has yet to be seen. The Chicago Bulls should be running away with the division but the in and out participation of premiere point guard Rose is keeping the team from solidifying its team chemistry. This leaves us with the last team on the list which may be the sleeping giant of the entire group. The San Antonio Spurs are fresh off their most recent championship and are pacing themselves for a playoff run. While the team may not seem to be playing hard it is clear they are saving their energy for the playoffs.

The top ten teams will play out as follows.

1. Golden State Warriors
2. Memphis Grizzlies
3. Toronto Raptors
4. Washington Wizards
5. Houston Rockets
6. Portland Trailblazers
7. Atlanta Hawks
8. Cleveland Cavaliers
9. Chicago Bulls
10. San Antonio Spurs

Betting Tips for Basketball

Betting on basketball is a sensitive subject, and you must be very careful when you are betting on NBA games. Basketball games can turn at the drop of a hat, and these games are often affected by the coaching decisions that must be made from game to game. The best way for you to bet on basketball successfully is to make sure you are following the game as closely as possible.


When teams get on a hot streak, they will keep winning. They could be the worst team in the league, but they can win three to four games in a row simply because they are on fire. Also, even the best team in the league can lose three or four games in a row just because they are slumping.


You need to watch teams with superstars. These superstars are often held out of games or given minimal minutes to rest them. This is something that was started by the Spurs, but it is something that happens routinely with great players. You should never bet on a team that is resting their best players that night.


You need to know if the team you trust gets into foul trouble. A team that is prone to get into foul trouble is not a good bet. Yes, they may win many games, but they may not cover the spread the way you need them to. When this is the case, you will lose many bets even though you chose the winning tea correctly.

The Draft Picks

Teams tank in the NBA. No one thinks that teams should tank, but teams tank. You need to keep an eye on the teams that are the most terrible. If it appears that they are tanking to get a high draft pick, you need to stay away from them or bet against them. The temptation to tank is so strong that some teams have had record bad starts because of it.

The Playoff Picture

When teams are fighting for the 8th playoff spot near the end of the season, you need to give them some stock. These teams are going to fight even harder, and they may run unto secure teams that are simply waiting for the playoffs to start.

When you are betting on basketball, you need to make sure you check all these items. All these play into your bets, and they make a difference near the end of the season.

Best sports betting sites for basketball matches

Betting on any Basketball Association games is very profitable and fun. Online basketball Betting has registered a tremendous growth over the years. With the existence of a shortened season coupled with a large number of games on each night, teams are always overloaded with a lengthy list of injuries. These attributes make each passing night more and more unpredictable and much harder for various bettors to find value in the odds.

Some of the Best Betting Sites For basketball

Bet365 is one of the leading gambling networks in the globe today. Apart from online basketball betting, Bet365 offers poker, sportsbook, bingo and casino all under one roof in the form of a single wallet account. The most precious aspect of wagering at Bet365 is the large number of customers; over two million, from over 130 countries.

Live-In-Play section found on Bet365’s website offers you an up-to-date info on all current activities. Bet365 offers Live-Stream of certain events. The Sportsbook also offers you precise betting odds and a large number of proposition bets.

Bet365 Bonuses include:

  • Deposit amount over €/$ 50.
  • Your Bet365 bonus: €/$ 50 (and get 100% of €/$ 50).
  • Get a roll-over amount to get your bonus: €/$ 50.
  • Get a roll-over amount to cash out bonuses worth: €/$ 300 (which is (3 x deposit) + bonus).


Unibet is the Largest Swedish owned sportbook headquartered in Europe. They have one of the largest customer base in the European market estimated to be over 9 million customers. They are known in offering an all-inclusive and wide range of online gambling categories. Some of the products include casino, sports betting, live betting, poker, bingo, lotteries, basketball and soft games on their web site.

Their odds – profit ratio or margin is over 10%, the largest in the betting industry. They offer various bonuses and very profitable online lotteries.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power has over 40 betting options on their web site. They provide an inclusive and a separate section for live in-play options. Paddy power has an extensive basketball betting category that incorporates very many options available on offer. The site offers a wide range of both European and Other types of basketball coupons. For example, the Under-16s, 18s or even 19s levels.

The company also runs additional betting futures. For the NBA section, bettors can bet on:

  • Who will win the Championship.
  • Who will win the Conference finals.
  • Who will be the Championship MVP.
  • Individual series events at the Conference Finals..


It is one of the well-established betting houses in the world. They offer match betting and also handicap betting on all matches available, with an additional special offer on basketball bets for all televised games.

Most basketball fans especially those willing to bet, find ladbrokes very efficient. The site offers an unlimited range of basketball odds.


This site is one of the best betting heavens in offering quality services. They offer competitive betting odds on a wide range of basketball events. You can also find important tips on how to achieve a profitable bet on their site.
They always have all important statistics well covered. There web site is also user friendly and very easy to navigate through. Most of their game-logs are outstanding and on point. They are a good source of information.

What to look for in an NBA Basketball Sportsbook

It is very normal for every bookmaker to have NBA games readily available for betting. It is very important to check out for the range of limits on either side of the betting limits and totals. Some sites will offer a vast selection of entries on every game, while others will only offer a few props. As always, look for a reputable online sportsbook, with good security and reliable payouts like the ones mentioned above.

Betting on the NBA may prove to be a very challenging affair. When capping certain games, use every info at your disposal to your advantage in order to win it big. Good luck.

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