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About Baseball

Baseball is a sport played at both amateur and professional levels. The game is widely recognized as the national sport of the United States and is popular in South America, Europe, East Asia, Japan and the Caribbean in addition to the US. In the early 1800’s baseball was referred to as town ball and round ball.

The game is played between two teams and each team fields nine players at a time. The teams take turns batting and fielding and the object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. The time frame of the game is defined by innings and professional baseball plays nine innings. If, at the end of nine innings the score is tied the teams continue to play until one team scores more points than the other. The visiting team bats at the top of the inning and the home team bats at the bottom of the inning.

Both teams come to bat in each inning until there are three outs. The outs are accomplished by a strike out, fly out or ground out. The umpire is responsible for categorizing each pitch as a ball or strike, unless the ball is hit. Three strikes constitute an out and four balls constitute a walk and the batter is allowed possession for first base. In order for a pitch to be considered a strike, it has to fall into a certain window that is between the batters shoulders and knees and over home plate. A pitch outside of that window is a ball. A ball hit outside of the fair parameters of the field is a foul ball and is considered a strike.

To score a run a base runner must touch all three bases, first, second and third base and then home plate. Each time a ball is hit the runners can advance as many bases as possible without being tagged out.

Each batter stands at home plate with a bat and the pitcher throws the ball toward the batter, aiming for the strike zone. The batter attempts to hit the ball and if successful, the batter drops the bat and runs to first base. The object is to arrive at the base before the base player has possession of the ball.

In the event of rain, the umpire may decide to halt the game until the rain has passed or stop the game entirely. If five innings or more of the game has been played, it is considered an official game, according the professional baseball rules, and the team with the most points will win the game. If less than five innings have been played, the game will be rescheduled and played in its entirety at another time.

History and Background of Baseball

A malty billion dollar sport and a completely new industry; Baseball has grown tremendously since its inception. Baseball has achieved unspeakable growth since its early days of both crude & humble beginnings during the 19th century. More than a game and more of a culture, Baseball has always remained to be part of an amazing American heritage and a fundamental host to our national spirit.

The origin of baseball has been riddled with a lot of controversies and drawn out unclear conclusions. It is strongly believed that Baseball, Cricket, softball and other lane-running games enjoyed a wider social acceptance from very primitive types of community games. Nevertheless, it’s not clear where the name baseball came from even though there are other related games that were very popular and were played just like the modern day baseball. Some of the games with amusing names and similar to baseball include; poison ball, stool ball and goal ball.

Various historical cradles of baseball suggest that in 1700s, Thomas Wilson: a conformist leader based in London seriously condemned baseball and other sports. Apart from historic tales, David Block insisted that ‘Stoolball’ was the embryonic version of the current baseball game dating back to 1670s.

The most intriguing breakthrough in search for answers on the exact dates of baseball’s conception is strongly engraved on a very rare myth that believes that a scientist by the name Abner Doubleday, came up with most of the basic rules used in baseball in the year 1838. Alexander Cartwright is also believed to codify some of the current baseball rules while he was with the ‘Knickerbockers’. According to a book known as ‘Baseball’ written by Alexander and also featured in a prominent documentary produced by filmmaker Ken Burns, also confirmed that it was indeed Alexander who was the first to codify most of the game’s rules.

Some of the recorded events in baseball’s history dating back to 1868 include debuts such as;
•The Red Stockings dominated that season with a famous 60th victory. The victory was a 17-8 defeat by Mutual Green Stockings before a crowd of 7,000 spectators
•The Cincinnati Red Stockings 1st appearance as a professional team defeating The Great Westerns a 45-9 score line.

Nevertheless, the very 1st recorded baseball game was in 1846. In that game Alexander Cartwright’s ‘Knickerbockers’ lost to ‘New York Baseball Club’ in New Jersey. With an historic launch of the National Association of Base Ball Players back in 1858, sounded as the first step for the world to exclusively witness its first organized baseball league.

TOP 10 Baseball Teams for 2014/2015

When you are looking at the upcoming Major League Baseball season, you need to consider who the top ten teams are. These teams have the best chance of winning well throughout the season and making the playoffs.


The Dodgers are going to be competitive as long as they have Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig. Also, they have traded Matt Kemp for value, and they are making other small trades to shore up their bench. They are committed to winning, and that means something.


The Cubs just got Joe Maddon to manage them, and he is worth probably 10-15 wins a year. They signed Jon Lester, and that means that they now have an ace. They will give St. Louis a run for their money in the NL Central.


The St. Louis Cardinals have a formula that works. They could field just about any team, and they would be good no matter what. They traded for Jason Heyward, and they will likely resurrect his career, too.


The Tigers have Miguel Cabrera, and they are making moves to shore up their team. They already have Verlander and Scherzer. They traded for Alfredo Simon to have a better bullpen, and they will be competitive as long as Cabrera is on the roster.


They have won three World Series in the past five years. Betting against the Giants is an exercise in futility. They will replace The Panda, and they will be good next year, too.


The Angels always start off poorly, but they still have Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. These guys will play for pride, and the hitting alone could take them to the playoffs. They are not done acquiring new talent in the offseason, and that also makes a difference.


The Mariners have an ace, and they signed Robinson Cano. They have signed Nelson Cruz, and they have young talent. They are a fringe team in the top ten, but they are a team that people should watch carefully.

Red Sox

The Red Sox lost out on Jon Lester, but they signed The Panda and Hanley Ramirez. They are reloading for another run at a World Series title. They are competitive, and they are looking to make 2014 into an aberration.


The Orioles are managed by Buck Showalter, and that is worth quite a few wins on its own. He is someone who can turn a decent team into a very good team, and this could happen again in 2015.


They have to rebound for 2014, and they are bringing back A-Rod. They may not be great, but they have the pedigree. In 2015, the Yankee pedigree may be enough to get them back in the wild card mix.

Betting Tips for Baseball

If you want to beat the bookies when betting on baseball, then you need to get on the basics of baseball betting. Here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of winning.

Team form

Use credible statistics to study the form of each team before placing your wager. If available, look at the match reports for the recent matches. and are sites that can give credible analysis of each baseball team. The preview section in ESPN gives all the statistics related to a particular match. You can read about the form of players and history of matches between the two teams.

Avoid betting on series

You can place a bet on one particular team that you think it will go on a series of wins. Series do occur in baseball. But if something falls out, one team can lose many games in a row. This means your chances of winning if you bet on a series are always 50%. Betting on a series might end in a quick bankruptcy. It happens, a team that was tipped to go on winning streak losses several matches in a row and an underdog wins several in arrow.

It is easier to win bets at the beginning or at the end of season

It is always easy to beat bookmakers at the beginning of the season because teams are unpredictable. The results of matches also fall out towards the end of the season, making it easy to win a bet. Bookmakers make mistakes at the beginning of season, increasing your chances of winning big. Playoffs are tricky to predict. During playoffs, some players directed by sympathy or emotions for given teams are betting. That’s why there is always an influx of odds. You can easily use these odds to come up with a surebets. During the normal season, odds on popular teams are a bit overstated. This happens because bookmakers are driven by the fame of those teams rather than their form. It is sometimes worth to place your bet against popular teams.

Weather is an important factor in baseball

Many people do not consider weather conditions before placing their bets but it is important to do so. Weather can affect the win of your team or the points scored in a game. Humidity, wind strength or a game stopped because of heavy rain impact on the number of points scored. Strong wind can prevent a hitter from hitting more home runs. By observing weather forecast, you increase your chances of correctly predicting the outcome of the match.

Best sports betting sites for baseball games

Are you looking to make some sporting bets on baseball games? There are so many different variables you can bet on. These bets can range simply on who wins the game, going with the spread of the game, opting into who hits a homerun, how long a particular pitcher lasts in the game and even different variations down to each inning. Due to this, you really need to look into the different betting websites in order to find which one works for you.

Bet365 is a nice betting website when you want to bet on more than just baseball. This way, you can create an account and bet on your desirable baseball game and also move to the online casino as well. with all of this at your disposal, there is no limit to what you can play. Now, you might not have all the individual baseball options as some of the other website, but the sheer number of available gaming options should make up for this.

Unibet is another exceptional sports betting website. It gives you access to different games, and best of all, you are able to watch over 50,000 different live events through the website itself. This way, if there is a game you do not have access to, either in the states or in a different country, you are able to bet on it. If you really want to make things interesting, you should try betting on a baseball game in a completely different country.

PaddyPower is one of the largest sports betting websites on the Internet. You can bet on just about any particular sporting event you can think of. Plus, you can select the baseball game you want, look over all of the different variables and decide which game is going to work for you and how you want to make your bet.

LadBrokes is one of the best known online sporting gambling websites on the Internet today, so you know you are going to have probably the largest selection of online games to bet on as well. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to not this is the best website for you, but in terms of sheer numbers and volume, this is the way to go..

At Betfair, you are able to receive desirable bonuses for betting on the different games, not to mention you are also to bet on everything from sports to online casinos. If you are looking for a multi-use website, this is the sports betting option for you.

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