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About American Football

People the world over refer to soccer as “football” because it’s a ball game which is played with the feet. However, Americans refer to our modified version of rugby as football, and we love it more than any other sport. With a mere sixteen game season, the the NFL amassed nearly $10 billion in 2014, but a sweeping change could be on the horizon. There’s a blaring problem with the current playoff system and seriously needs to be addressed.

The NFC Louse

Prior to 2003, there were six divisions in pro football and the winner of each division was guaranteed a playoff spot and a home field playoff game. However, the expansion of the league to 32 teams led to the development of two more divisions which has caused some issues. The new system guarantees 8 teams will make the playoffs regardless of their records and this season may see a six win team make the post season. Riding a two game win streak, the Carolina Panthers have taken first place in the NFC south with a dismal record of 5-8-1. It’s important to note that three of those wins came against other terrible NFC South teams. Meanwhile, the much tougher Philadelphia Eagles may miss the playoffs, even if they win their last two. If a 6-10 NFC south champion makes the playoffs over an 11-5 Eagles team, the league may be forced to revise its current system.

Fix the Playoffs

The post season should allow the league’s best teams to face one another. The current system regularly sees awful teams snub better squads and actually host a playoff game. In 2008, an 11-5 Patriots squad missed the post season but an 8-8 Chargers squad made it. In 2011, the Seahawks made the playoffs after winning only seven games. Hopefully, the NFL will adopt a system similar to the one in pro basketball where seeds are awarded by record and not divisional performance. If not, we’ll continue to see awful teams make the playoffs simply because the other teams in their divisions were a little more terrible. I say the Eagles should be named the NFC South champions, because none of those teams deserves to make the playoffs.

The history of American Football

In other countries what is called football is what is known in the United States as soccer. That is why we specify by referring to the pigskin sport as American football. This is the kind of football to which this historical investigation refers. To find the earliest roots of football one has to travel way, way, way back in time to ancient Greece where they played a really rough game called harpaston. The rudiments of the game are shared with today’s football and rugby: A player achieved points by running with ball into the goal, or kicking or throwing the ball to a teammate in the goal while the defending team tries to keep this from happening. Fast forward to 1199. Ever since that time England has hosted a town-wide free-for-all forefather of both rugby and American football.

Fast forward to the 1600’s when this English tradition inspired the American Harvard and Princeton to host a similar game with a little bit more rules and regulations-but apparently not enough. By the middle of the 1800’s these sports were considered so violent that sometimes governmental authorities banned them. On November 6, 1869, the first official college football game was played between Rutgers and Princeton. The other major colleges of the east quickly followed suit. These early college football games were largely inspired by London Football Association rules (soccer rules).

Over the next several years American football strayed away from its soccer roots toward a rugby inspired sport. Harvard led the way toward honing and standardizing these rugby-inspired rules. The football that resulted would eventually evolve into the football we know and love today. However, we all know it would not always remain a college-only sport. It ventured into avenues where players either played for free or for a trade of some kind of valuable item.

On November 12, 1892 the Allegheny Athletic Association and Pittsburgh Athletic Club football team competed against each other. William “Pudge” Hellfinger was the first to openly accept $500 to play, thus introducing America to professional football. Heffelfinger would not continue on in the sport, opting for successful careers in insurance and politics, but football itself has carried on, developing and growing.

TOP 10 American Football Teams for 2014 – 2015

New England Patriots

Do you remember when New England was 2 – 2 coming off a 41 – 14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs? Only a tough road loss to Green Bay has blemished an otherwise
dominating run. A resurgent run game has lead to a more balanced offense which has taken the pressure off Tom Brady. The real star has been the defense which hasn’t given
up more than 26 points since the humiliation in Kansas City.

Denver Broncos

Denver continues to dominate the AFC west using basically the same formula as New England. A hall of fame quarterback who is being asked to do less with a stronger running game. The real star of these lower scoring slug fest has been a stout defense ranking fourth overall against the run. Only a head to head loss against New England and
a perplexing loss to Saint Louis keeps Denver out of the top spot.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is one of the hottest teams in football. A mediocre offense lead by the rushing duo of Marshawn Lynch and Russel Wilson is all that has been needed with the
legion of boom starting to find their rhythm again. Seattle’s biggest obstacle may be getting around Arizona to secure some home playoff dates. Seattle is still
a much better home team, with their most recent loss a road game against a now fading Kansas City squad. Arizona’s injury woes, especially to Carson Palmer,
makes at least one home game, if not two, look rather promising.

Arizona Cardinals

If any team is earning every win this year, it may be the Cardinals. As the injuries pile up, the Cardinals just keep winning. A small two game hiccup has been
followed by a two game winning streak. Luckily for Arizona they have clinched a playoff spot, but they are still going to have to fight and claw to secure a
home field game and a division title. Seattle is coming on strong and Carson Palmer may be a bigger loss than all the defensive injuries combined.

Indianapolis Colts

A win is a win, but the Colts recent four game winning streak is probably more schedule driven than play driven. Wins against Jacksonville, Washington, and Houston at home, and a 1 point road win against Cleveland isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. When the Colts offense is clicking it is a miserable day for most opposing defenses. And unlike several teams on this list they do it primarily with a potent passing offense and a middle of the pack defense. It appears that the Colts offense shouldn’t have a problem showing up, so the length of their playoff run may depend on their sometimes shaky defense.

Dallas Cowboys

It took awhile longer than some fans were hoping, but Tony Romo has become the franchise quarterback his contract says he is. It doesn’t hurt to have Dez Bryant snagging anything Romo can throw his way. A hat trick of three touchdown catches by the superstar receiver sent Philadelphia to the loss column and Dallas to the drivers seat of the NFC East.

Detroit Lions

Detroit has somewhat quietly jumped into the lead of the NFC central. A solid offense and a stout defensive line has lead to a 10 – 4 mark and 1st place in the NFC central when tie breakers are applied. It is just impossible to run against the Lions defense, and when that line gets to straight for the quarterback good things tend to happen for the Lions. A finely healthy Megatron, a solid season from Matthew Stafford, and an underated season from Joique Bell makes Detroit a slight favorite to finish ahead of Green Bay if defenses will be the tie breaker.

Green Bay Packers

The driver seat is gone. Although losing to Buffalo isn’t quite as shameful as previous Buffalo teams, the loss couldn’t have come at a worse time. They can match or beat Detroit with Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rogers, and Eddie Lacey, but the defense is nowhere close to what their Detroit counterparts are producing. With one loss Green Bay now has to fight not only for the division, but for a playoff birth as well.

Cincinnati Bengals

The crazy NFC North. What a mess. One team deserved to make this list, and I almost included Pittsburgh as well. When Cincinnati plays its best, they are better than Pittsburgh or Baltimore. A crazy tie early against Carolina may be the difference between the division and a wild card trip, but the recent throttling of Cleveland give hope that the defense is finding their groove. All that doesn’t matter as much as Andy Dalton playing his A game. Is there any other quarterback with bigger highs followed by lower lows than Dalton?

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Buffaloe, San Diego, and Kansas City’s A game does not beat Philadelphia’s A game if Nick Foles returns healthy. If Foles is unable to return then Philadelphia will probably be watching football instead of playing football this January. Foles or no Foles, Philadelphia will need to play better defense if they want a shot at a playoff berth and playing more than one weekend.

Betting tips for American Football

When you are betting on football, you need to keep in mind how fluid the game is. It is not a game that will simply come to you when you want it to. The majority of teams that you are betting on are not reliable from week to week. People are injured, momentum changes and you need to follow the steps below to make sure that you are betting successfully on all the football games you choose.


Every team in the league is required to produce an injury report every week. These injury reports will tell you a great deal about how the team is going to play that week. You want to see which players are going to miss the game, and you need to gauge how important they are to the team. Minor players are not a big deal if they miss the game, but any player who produces for the team every week could sink the team. When you see that good players are missing that week, you cannot bet on that team unless there is someone to take their place.

Scoring vs. Defense

You need to decide if the offenses and defenses of the teams match up well. The team with the best offense in the league will score on the worst offense in the league. The team with the best defense in the league will stop the team worst offense in the league. If you are checking your matchups carefully, you will be able to see how well each team will do. Also, you will see how long each team will have the ball.

Playoff Positioning

When teams have already clinched playoff berths, they tend to rest all their best players. They want to save their players for the playoffs, and they leave themselves vulnerable to losses late in the season. Teams may deactivate injured players if they are out of the playoffs, and you need to know sort of position the team is in before you bet on them.

The Lines

You want to check the lines carefully before you bet. When a team is sitting on a line that does not equal a common number of points in a game, they are more likely cover. Teams that are sitting on lines that are common point totals are less likely to give you the cover you are looking for.

You must make sure bet wisely on these items, and you need to follow each step. These betting options will help you successfully make money while betting.

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Top Football Betting sites

The NF is by far the most popular sport in America. Nothing is more exciting than watching gladiators compete for victory, except placing a friendly wager to increase the suspense. Fortunately, football enthusiasts can place modest wages on their favorite teams without leaving home. There’s a sea of online gambling sites, but some are more reputable than others.


This is the world’s largest and most reliable gambling site. Betfair is a virtual dinosaur in the infantile genre of online gambling. The company was established in 2000 and has built an impeccable record since then. This is site is very popular, because of the bonuses that it offers to new registrants. This generosity has proved to be a viable strategy for the company which now has over four million satisfied customers, but there are other reputable sites from which gamblers can choose.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish based bookmaker. Their brick and mortar operation was founded in 1988, and its success led them to the Internet. This is one of the most successful bookmaking companies on earth, generating more than 1 billion dollars in revenue. Paddy Power’s website is exclusively dedicated to sports betting and the specialty is horse racing. Most football fans will find the site easy to navigate and have few complaints about the experience.


This is a very appropriate name for this, because it offers an entire virtual casino. Unibet was founded in 1997, so their reputation is strong. Creating an account on their site is simple, and they accept a variety of payment types. Unibet features a more lively dashboard with vibrant pictures and colorful animations that may appeal to some gamblers.


This is probably the best known gambling company in the world, The fourteen million patrons who frequent the Bet365 website result from the excellent customer service. This is another full casino with poker and slot machines, but their football betting service is second to none.

Reputation is the most important factor to consider before choosing an online gambling site. Fortunately, the previously mentioned sites have strong reputations and years of experience.

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