About LSW

When you are trying to check scores from all your favorite sports, you need a place that actually shows the scores for every sport you might enjoy. You want to stay abreast of the happenings in the sports world, but you should not have to visit several websites to find the news you are looking for.

Who owns LSW?

We are a small team of web developers & sports fans located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Depth Of The Coverage

When you are checking scores of all the sports you enjoy, you want to know that the team you love can be found. You can visit a number of different websites where you cannot find the score of your favorite team, but you can come to LSW to get the scores you are looking for.

Your favorite team may play in Algeria or Azerbaijan, but their scores will be listed if they played a match yesterday. You will not cut off from your favorite team when you move away, and you will be able to keep up the team spirit when you check the scores. Also, the website covers so many teams that you will learn about even more teams that play your favorite team. You might discover a new team that you had never heard of, and you could unlock a new passion for one of the teams you have found on the site.

The Information

The information on found on our website is helpful for every person that loves sports. You can click on the match you want information on, and you will be able to get a complete list of statistics. Also, you can follow the match as it happens. You can use this information to keep up with your favorite team, and you can use this feature to make sure you know what is happening. You may have a game on the television, but you will be able to follow other games from your computer or mobile device.

Also, the information on the site can be used by people who enjoy betting on sports. There are complete write-ups on every game that is in the system. You can read all the statistics for the players, and you can check the statistics for the teams. These numbers help you make wise betting decisions, and they allow you to bet without using a number of other websites to get your information.

Favorite Players?

You can learn about all your favorite players in the same way. You can click on one of the players in the lineup, and you will be able to see how your favorite player is doing. These stats are helpful when you are trying to bet parlays on a match, and you will be able to see how someone is doing this season. Your favorite player’s stats are always available, and you get to copy and paste that information if you are collecting numbers for a fantasy league.


You can get your information from LSW on your Android or LSW iOS App. You can download the app, and you will see all the information that the site has to offer. You can check the scores when you are in the office, on the train or sitting in a waiting room. Also, you will be able to set up your account in the app to give you the same alerts mentioned above.

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