The guys at football Republic recently released a spoof video called “Lionel Messi Reacts to the Ronaldo Movie Trailer in a brilliant Spoof Video”. Lionel Messi appears to troll Ronaldo in the video on some claims he makes. It had a media house in Finland completely fooled. Fans like to think Messi and Ronaldo hate each other and this makes the video a beautiful rendition. With a rigged trailer, Messi in a side by side commentary trolls Ronaldo with spoof subtitles that are made up. The video though not real points to the real issue; Footballs greatest rivalry.


The rivalry between Cristiano and Messi has almost overshadowed Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry. Both highly accomplished players have broken a plethora of records and are the best currently. Their goal scoring records are outrageous, incredible and ridiculous.


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Funchal Madeira Portugal in 1985. He started his professional career with Sporting CP.In 2002, Alex Fergusson discovered him. He moved to Manchester United in 2003.He spend six successful years with the club. He scored 118 goals in 292 appearances for his new team. In 2009, he transferred to Real Madrid where he has proceeded to break many records.


Lionel Messi was born in 1985 in Rosario Santa Fe Argentina.At age 10, he got a growth hormone condition.His family struggled to pay for his medication till Barcelona came to their rescue. He was already a childhood prodigy and joined Barcelona aged 13.He started at the academy in Barcelona before joining the senior team.He too has broken numerous records.


Both players have amassed a cult following. Between them, they have 175 million followers on Facebook. That’s more than half the population of the USA. To compare the two, we start with their goal scoring records. The statistics are staggering. Ronaldo has scored 501 goals in 753 appearances for a goal ratio of 0.68.Messi on the hand has scored 467 goals in 597 matches for a goal ratio of 0.86.It should be pointed out that Ronaldo didn’t graduate from a prestigious academy like Messi and was a winger for some time. Messi recently broke a record by scoring 79 goals in one year. On the other hand, Ronaldo has scored the fastest 200 goals in La Liga history. A record 200 goals in 178 matches. He has so far amassed 231 goals in the La Liga. Messi is the leading La Liga goalscorer with 289 goals. Ronaldo has scored 28 hat tricks compared to Messi’s 24.In the champions league, Ronaldo is the leading all-time goal scorer with 80 goals compared to Messi 77.But it was Messi who first broke the record in November last year.Both players are obviously perfect goal scorers and have the statistics to back them up.


As for their header skills, Its obvious Ronaldo is the better player.He is lethal on air and last year scored 17 of his goals from the air.His imposing physical structure,6foot 2 inches tall, and leap ability makes him potent.Messi isn’t that bad either and can produce moments of brilliance.He once scored a brace against Manchester United in a Champions League game.His short physical structure simply doesn’t do him justice.The Barcelona style of play, Tiki-taka, doesn’t emphasise aerial football, and that can also be a reason for Messi’s poor aerial skills.


When it comes to dribbling skills, Messi simply is the best there is.He is fast with the ball and very creative.His physical structure makes him a custom built to be the greatest dribbler ever. With incredible speed, agility and balance, he passes defenders with relative ease.He manages to avoid tackles with ease and is a marvel to watch.He is intricate and shows unmatched techniques.He is the magician.Christiano on the hand is no less talented.His style is a little bit different and more direct.A fast player with explosive speeds, he compensates his lack of technique with raw power and speed.He masterfully uses the scissors method to terrorise hapless defences.Real Madrid’s style of play also seems to favour him.It’s all about fast paced explosive football.


On set pieces, it’s difficult to judge who is the better player.Messi has a finesse touch in how he takes his free kicks.On the hand, Ronaldo is all about power and ability to bend the ball to his will.His powerful shots can produce a stunner from the unexpected of positions.As for penalties, Ronaldo is simply the king.He has scored 51 of his 56 penalties he has taken for Real.An incredible feat for a player of his calibre.Messi on the hand has missed 16 penalties in 79 attempts.It’s a poor record even for average La Liga players.


The passing ability of both players is at par.Messi last year had an average 82% successful passes against Ronaldo’s 81%.


On physical size, Ronaldo is like a well oiled German machine designed to perfection.At 6 foot 2 and an excellent physique, he is a stallion on the field.Messi can hold his own when it gets physical.He is also capable of packing serious horsepower behind his shots.But Ronaldo clearly has the better built.


On the field, Ronaldo is by far the most undisciplined.From selfish behaviours to showmanship, it’s always about him.Messi on the hand is a real team, player.


Ultimately, both players are the best there is.They have dominated the Ballon d Or awards for the last seven years and seem set to continue their dominance.They simply are ahead of the pack.The two set the standards.


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