888 Casino Review

The 888 Casino is a legal online casino open to players in the United States and around the world. Offering a number of online games, the site is sleek, modern-looking, and has a number of promotions for new players.

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888 Casino Game Options

The 888 Casino has four main game options. This includes blackjack, video poker, slot machines, and roulette. While the casino covers a lot of ground, it is a little limiting on the table games. More poker variations like Tri-Card poker or Pai Gow would expand the gaming options.

Online Roulette Games

The roulette board is simple to play and bet on. The board spins smoothly and the animations help create the real casino effect. Other online casinos often have problems when trying to clear or change bets before a spin is made.

It’s really easy to tap bets to add or clear them on the board. This is especially true when you split your bets among different numbers on the center of the roulette board. The sections are clearly labeled and will highlight with additional information as you go to place a bet.

Slot Machines & Video Poker

Slot machine themes are huge highlight for any online casino. Players like to enjoy a variety of themes and there is no shortage of them at the 888 Casino. There are more than 20 different slots to play on including the choices below:

Adventures in Orbit: This is a space-themed slot machine that features aliens, spaceships, and bonus games. A bonus game allows you to stack up extra winnings by navigating a ship through multiple obstacles and asteroids.

Bloodlines: A vampire slot machine that has similar themes and romantic ties to entertainment properties like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Twilight.” This is a very moody slot machine that also has a lot of fun involved.

Sugar Doggies: A goofy slot machine that features well-kept canines as the main symbols. Earn free spins when matching specific dog breeds and other symbols in the game. The whimsical music and sound effects makes it one of the more entertaining slot machines in the casino.

Video Poker: The main video poker is a basic “Jacks or Better” variety. It has a classic design that will appeal to anyone familiar with traditional casino games. To increase bets and speed, the casino offers a Power Video Poker game that plays 50 hands all at the same time. This can be a little overwhelming at first, but it’s very easy to get used to.

New Player Promotions

The new player promotions are one of the best features of the online casino. Before committing to a deposit, any new player can receive a free $10 to play with. It may not seem like a lot, but spreading the money out across slot machines can help it last a while before actually depositing.

Once you do deposit, there are multiple bonuses to take advantage of. Each day of the week has specific bonuses available. For example, on Sunday Funday, you can get bonuses for playing slot machines. Table Tuesday offers blackjack bonuses and Thursday Traveler features bonuses for specialty slot machines.

Along with the online casino, a free app download allows you to play a majority of the games on the go. Signing up is an easy three-step process. A telephone number can guide you through any deposit questions.

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